Laboratory Fume Hoods System

Conventional High Performance Energy Saving FUME HOODS

RA Lab Technologies INC supplies ‘High performance and Energy Saving Fume hoods’ for your laboratory. Apart from our high quality laboratory casework, our laboratory fume hoods match the global standards.

Our laboratory fume hoods are designed in a precise manner that prevent lab users from acidic and hazardous fumes and hence ensures complete safety to the laboratory. Extremely safe and user-friendly, our laboratory fume hoods meet SEFA 1-2010 parameters of High Performance Fume Hood and ANSI & ASHRAE-110 Test standards, with face velocity of 60 fpm at maximum sash opening height (25” minimum).

The laboratory fume hoods from RA LAB are aerodynamic in shape with curved air foil that reduces energy consumption by 7-10% compared to flat air foils. With handle curve, it becomes comfortable for user’s arm resting on it during experiment. For the taller users, our product offer comfortable clear view from sash while standing in front of the hood.

Features of RA Lab fume hoods are one up from the rest.

The counter balanced system lends a smoother and safer sash movement of our laboratory fume hoods. Furthermore, the fluorescent lighting gives required illumination inside it. Some premium laboratory fume hood models are available with explosion proof incandescent light. Interior mounted serrated hose tips for multiple utilities have remotely operated knobs on the side posts.

With an objective of offering the best to our customers, we at RA Lab provide options in Sash opening system Like Automatic Sash position option, Chain and sprocket sash system, Auto return Sash system, Combination Vertical rising / Horizontal sliding sash system and Split dual sash system.