Solid Epoxy Tops


Industry professionals know that the consistently superior quality of Durcon products is a standard against which other materials are measured. Durcon achieves this with finely tuned production systems combined with longstanding manufacturing and engineering expertise. These capabilities also enable Durcon to meet or exceed customer specifications and tolerances precisely and consistently.


What puts Durcon even further ahead is customer services. From estimating through shipping, Durcon’s dedicated team takes pride in being the most responsive in the industry which leads to accuracy and fast turnarounds. In addition, each order is continually monitored via internet accessible e-Project Manager software which allows customers to know the status of their order at any time.


Driven by a commitment to customer service. Durcon’s factory in North America, along with associated facilities around the globe, supply the worldwide marketplace with prompt, accurate shipments in which each piece has been made to precise customer specifications. State-of-the-art chemistry and strict quality control in the manufacturing process keep Durcon at the forefront of the industry.


Durcon Incorporated strives to provide high-performance systems and support with every laboratory worksurface purchase through:

  • Decades of Experience
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Fabrication Capacity
  • Technical Support Staff
  • Global Distribution Network


Durcon’s worksurface systems capabilities integrate functionality and design options to enhance aesthetics and safeguard lab users. Some options include:

  • Traditional and “Green” Formulas
  • Color Options
  • Edge Finish
  • Surface Style
  • Specialty Shapes


Durcon’s complete epoxy resin worksurface system delivers safety, protection and durability throughout the laboratory. System components include:

  • Fume Hood Bases
  • Sinks
  • Peg Boards
  • Troughs
  • Safety Cabinets


Durcon epoxy resin is formulated to balance the highest levels of performance, safety and resistance. We test to SEFA standards to determine:

  • Chemical Resistance
  • Physical Properties
  • Thermal Characteristics
  • Flammability
  • Liquid Absorption




Durcon Incorporated work surface systems are molded monolithic epoxy resin products. Our unique molding process includes a special curing stage that ensures a complete chemical reaction throughout the material resulting in a uniform worksurface of the highest quality.

Traditional and Environment Friendly Formulas

Durcon epoxy resin is the worksurface of choice for harsh laboratory, classroom and research environments due to outstanding value and unmatched performance in several critical areas such as chemical resistance, non-flammability, non-absorbency, vibration damping and cleanability. This combination adds an extra level of safety and durability to the laboratory and increased accuracy for highly calibrated apparatus.

Durcon leads the industry in quality and innovation, leading the way in developing Greenstone™ Epoxy Resin Worksufaces with SCS Certified Post-consumer Recycled Content. Greenstone features the same luxurious appearance and extreme perfomance Durcon products are known for while reducing the impact on our environment. Plus, it is made to last, significantly reducing life-cycle costs. All Durcon products are Greenguard® and Greenguard for Children & Schools® certified for safe indoor air quality and NSF/ANSI 51 certified for use in food areas.

Surface Stylesa

lmost any facility’s work surfaces can be configured using the components found in each of our styles. Durcon also offer numerous safety, function and style options to choose between.

  • ClassicTop
  • Classic MarineTop
  • Contoura TableTop
  • Classic Coved Curb
  • Classic Marine Coved Curb
  • Balance Tables
  • Fume Hood Bases
  • Droplin®, Undermount & Specialty Sinks, Troughs, Pegboards & Accessories
Color Options

Black Onyx is the traditional worksurface color. The low-gloss matte finish is easier on lab user’s eyes and provides increased acuity when visual comparisons are required. Durcon also offers six additional standard color options and can now provide custom colors based on your color swatch (prices vary by color). Use colored epoxy to highlight wood, metal and laminate casework finishes.

Black Onyx
Forest Green
Steel Blue

Work Surfaces

ClassicTop Bevel Edge
ClassicTop Radius Edge
Accept No Substitutes

Durcon’s time-tested Epoxy Resin worktop is the industry standard for harsh laboratory environments. It is safe, durable and widely available for projects of all types and sizes. Durcon offers several edge and backsplash styles to meet various requirements for safety and comfort. Each style can be configured into virtually any furniture configuration and can be installed on permanent or freestanding casework, tables and carts.

ClassicTop Bevel Edge

One inch thick Black Onyx ClassicTops with machine bevelled edges are the laboratory industry standard. Available in seamless lengths up to 96” [2438mm], ClassicTops provide the greatest flexibility for use in every application.

Upon request, 5/8”, 3/4” or 1-1/4” [15, 19 or 32mm] thick surfaces in standard and custom colors are available.

ClassicTop Radius Edge

ClassicTops with a 1/4” machined radius feature the latest worksurface edge option from Durcon. These worksurfaces are molded and fabricated to the same exacting standards as our machine bevelled ClassicTops, but feature machine radiused edges and eased corners which can provide additional safety and comfort for laboratory users.

Marine Edge
Coved Curb
Marine Coved Curb
Classic MarineTop

Classic MarineTop worksurfaces are recommended for areas where liquid containment is a priority. These ¼” [6mm] dished worksurfaces help protect casework finishes, flooring and lab personnel by keeping most spills on the countertop.

ClassicTop Coved Curb

Classic Coved Curb worksurfaces should be used where eliminating backsplash joints is the highest priority. They are available in seamless lengths up to 98” [2489mm] and depths up to 38” [965mm]. Classic Coved Curb worksurfaces are molded 1” [25mm] thick. By special request, 3/4” or 1-1/4” [19mm or 32mm] thick worksurfaces can be ordered. Integral curbs are 4” [102mm] tall.

For special curb height requirements, contact our customer service department.

Classic Marine Coved Curb

Classic Marine Coved Curb worksurfaces are recommended for use where liquid containment and eliminating backsplash joints is the highest priority. The 1/4” [6mm] deep dish helps keep liquids from overflowing. Marine Coved Curb worksurfaces are either 1” or 1-1/4” [25 or 32mm] thick at the rail. The standard 4” [102mm] high integral curbs maintain a uniform backsplash height when installed in-line with non-marine edged Classic Coved Curb worksurfaces.

Classic TableTop
Contoura TableTop
Classic TableTops

Classic TableTops are recommended for classrooms, laboratories and production facilities where seating or reconfiguration is required. Available with machine beveled or radiused edges, Classic TableTops are available in any size up to 96”x 72” [2438 x 1829mm]. Classic TableTops can be used for custom size and shape requirements or when classic styling is preferred.

Contoura TableTops

Contoura TableTops offer a molded radiused edge and corners adding safety and comfort to work and study environments. Contoura TableTops are available in the following sizes:

Molded Shapes
Specialty Shapes
TrifaciaTop Work Stations

TrifaciaTop marine edge work surfaces provide convenient services access for up to three student tables. Trifacia epoxy resin sinks are also available.

Octagon Work Stations

Octagonal work surfaces are designed to accommodate multiple users. Tailored for educational and training uses, the innovative design enables larger groups of students or technicians to gather around a single device or demonstration on the work surface.

Available in both a ClassicTop or Marine Edge, the octagonal work surface is available as a single piece, or with an epoxy resin trough or sink.

Specialty Shapes

Specialty worksurface shapes are available for all types of teaching and laboratory environments. Quadrilaterals, hexagons and octagons are molded in one seamless piece and ready for installation with or without sinks or troughs. Many additional custom shapes, even asymmetrical pieces and belly cuts, can be fabricated to specification. Since each project is unique, we encourage you to submit your drawings for quotation.

Classic Fume Hood Base
Balance Table
Classic IsoTop
ClassicTop Fume Hood Bases

Durcon Epoxy Resin Fume Hood Bases provide a durable chemical and heat resistant worksurface for the laboratory’s harshest environment.

Available for virtually every brand of fume hood cabinet manufactured today, Classic Fume Hood Bases are seamlessly molded up to 98” [2489mm] long. The worksurface is surrounded by a 3/8” [10mm] integrally-molded containment rim designed to ease cleanups and prevent hood and casework damage from chemical spills.

Balance Tables

Epoxy Resin Balance Tables provide superior stability for highly calibrated equipment. The top and legs are solid 2-1/2” [64mm] thick molded epoxy resin. A galvanized steel lateral support beam adds strength and rigidity. Rubberized vibration reduction pads are now included to suppress floor vibrations and increase instrument accuracy and consistency. Balance Tables stand 30” [762mm] tall. Nominal work surface dimensions are 35” x 24” [889 x 610mm].

IsoTops & IsoPads

IsoTops are 2-1/2” [64mm] thick countertop sections that provide the superior stability of a balance table on the bench top, allowing easy access to adjoining surfaces and utilities. IsoTops are larger tops that insall inline with other epoxy worksurfaces. Because of the thickness and weight of these tops, special considerations must be taken to ensure adequate cabinet support strength.

Isopads are moveable 2-1/2” x 18” x 22” epoxy resin pieces that can be placed around the lab to provide vibration damping and stability in various locations.

DrainTop Double Drainboard
DrainTop Left Drainboard
DrainTop Right Drainboard
Classic DrainTops

DrainTops have been specially designed for use with Classic and Classic MarineTops.

DrainTop worksurfaces gently slope from the containment rim to the sink area for improved drainage. The molded drain board sections offer curved raised ribs that facilitate glassware drying and improved cleanups. The sink area accommodates single or double DropIn Sinks.

Flexibly designed, DrainTops can be used at the end of islands and peninsulas or in wall runs as 54”, 60”, 66” or 72” [1372, 1524, 1676 or 1829 mm] sections.

Drain Grooves

Drain grooves can be machined on one or both sides of undermount or DropIn sinks per specification. These recessed slots incline toward the sink basin, facilitating worksurface drainage while providing a temporary lab ware drying area.


Droplin® Sinks
D30D Double Dropln® Sink
DropIn Sinks

DropIn sinks were introduced by Durcon in 1992. The DropIn sink quickly became the industry standard due to the ease of installation and the added safety they bring to the lab.

DropIn sinks are top mounted into a recessed cutout eliminating the need for undermount sink support systems. This simplified method of installation seals the sink cutout and eliminates the worksurface overhang between the inner walls of undermount sink basins and the sink cutout which can gather residual chemicals and bacteria. All DropIn Sink surfaces are clearly visible and radiused for ease of cleaning.

Double DropIn Sinks

When there is a need for a double-sink configuration, a molded one piece Double DropIn Sink is available or a pair of DropIn sinks can be installed side by side with a 1” worksurface strip between the two installed sinks.

ADA Sinks

Durcon also offers several shallow basins and graduated depth ADA DropIn Sinks to accommodate lab users with special needs and help conform to Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines.

Undermount Sink
Double Undermount Sink
Undermount Sinks

Epoxy resin Undermount Sinks have been installed in laboratories for over 30 years. High chemical resistance, long-term durability and a selection of popular sizes make epoxy resin undermounts the industry standard for this style of sink.

Undermount installation requires an under-sink support system (supplied by others). Durcon offers installation tips in our Installation and Maintenance Manual. For safety, consult your casework manufacturer for prescribed installation methods and supplies required for the specified cabinet material.

Double Undermount Sinks

When there is a need for a double-sink configuration, a pair of undermount sinks can be glued together or the sinks may be installed separately. Several designs are possible such as using different sizes of sinks together. Please contact a Durcon representative to deterimine the feasibility of a new application.

Trifacia Sink
Curved Sink
Trifacia DropIn Sinks

Trifacia DropIn Sinks are designed for placement in the Durcon Trifacia (Hexagonal) Work Surface.

The large Trifacia DropIn Sink basin is ideally suited for student centers. As with all our listed sink sizes, the Trifacia DropIn Sinks are molded as one piece with coved interior corners for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Round and Elliptical Sinks

Round and Elliptical DropIn Sinks are available for installation in the center of trifacia, octagonal and clover tops; as a corner or end sink; or to fit the contours of a custom shape top. These special basins can add a custom look and feel as well as a functional solution to the lab environment.

End and Wall Mount Utility Sinks

End and Wall Sinks are specially designed epoxy resin basins for installation at the end of wall runs, peninsulas and islands to provide liquid disposal and the cleaning of larger items.

These basins can be fabricated for fixtures or a trough in the integral backsplash. End and wall sinks are commonly mounted onto a wooden or metal frame to bring the basin to the desired height. Frames are not supplied by Durcon.

Undermount Trough

Cupsinks are small sink units designed to provide a convenient disposal site for liquid waste while maximizing available work space.

DropIn Troughs

Top-Mounted DropIn Troughs feature the same durability and ease of installation as our popular DropIn Sinks and do not require additional supports. Available in two sizes.

One Piece Undermount Troughs

Closed-end Undermount Troughs are self-contained units for installation under the worksurface. Three sizes are available.

Sectional Undermount Troughs

Open-ended Sectional Undermount Troughs are molded in 72” [1829mm] sections which can be joined together to form longer runs as required.

Sections are fabricated to meet specifications, and ends are applied at the factory. The drain hole for a standard outlet is cut in the 6” [152mm] flat section at the end of the deepest trough section.

Pegboards & Drip Trays

Epoxy resin Pegboards are supplied with oval polypropylene pegs set at a 30° horizontal angle for effective support and drainage of lab glassware. As an option, 2” or 4” [51 or 102mm] wide stainless steel drip trays are available for most pegboard sizes. PVC tubing is included.

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