Stainless Steel Radioisotope Laboratory Hoods

All models feature:

  • By-pass airflow design.
  • Glacier White powder-coated steel exterior.
  • Ergonomic airfoil with aerodynamic clean-sweep airflow openings.
  • Type 304 stainless steel liner (23.5" interior depth) with radiused corners, integral work surface and pre-set baffle(s).
  • Black enamel-coated hardboard surface to support the integral work surface.
  • 3/16" thick tempered safety glass vertical-rising sash with frame of epoxy-coated aluminum and PVC. Sash does not extend above the hood when fully open.
  • Removable front and side panels and front access panels for access to plumbing and electrical wiring.
  • pre-wired T8 fluorescent lighting, light switch and blower switch for 115 volt, 60 Hz operation to single point internal junction box.
  • Two pre-plumber service fixtures with forged brass valves and chrome-plated brass serrated hose connectors, lower right side with brass tubing for gas and lower left side with copper tubing for air. Components for converting either or both fixtures to cold water and vacuum are provided. Inlet tubing is not provided.
  • One pre-wired 115 volt, 20 amp electrical duplex receptacle on lower right side.
  • 11.00" OD Type 304 stainless steel exhaust connection(s).

All models conform to the following regulations and standards:

  • SEFA 1-2006
  • NFPA 45-2004
  • ASTM E84-09C
  • ASHRAE 110-95
  • ANSI Z9.5-2003
  • UL 3101-1/61010-1
  • CAN/CSA C22.2 NO. 1010.1
  • UL 1805